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Why does Singapore have such great health outcomes? It’s the exercise stupid

The New York Times has recently been talking a lot about the Singapore health system. Most recently here. However, in all the discussion about the amazing cost/benefit of the Singaporean system what’s lost is any consideration of a major Singaporean health initiative. Singapore’s “individual mandate,” if you will, is the enforced physical fitness of roughly 40% of […]

Something missing in our urban policy debates?

I recently listened to the Strong Towns podcast with Chuck Marohn and Scott Beyer ( two of the most influential urban policy advocates/bloggers. In it, the principals “take on a contentious conversation about government regulations, zoning and housing—and how incremental development may or may not work in American cities.” I was struck that each takes a […]

Making America Dumb Again

The Republican Party is making this country more ignorant, bigoted, and intolerant every day.  Their adamant refusal to compromise, their denial of evidence regarding our climate, and their blatant pandering to the evangelicals is hurting our country.  Our political system hit a nadir last week when, during a nationally televised debate, GOP frontrunner Donald Trump bragged […]

When did “The law applies to everyone” become “persecution”?

Increasingly, when laws restrict Christians from imposing their childish beliefs upon others, or practicing their bigotry, they claim to be persecuted.  Recently this cultivated whining was in the spotlight, when Kim Davis was jailed for actually persecuting gays when she refused to sign their marriage licenses.  Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee even tweeted at the time that her jailing was […]

When will our politicians stop pandering to the ignorant?

The Republican Party is overtly anti-science.  The current group of candidates for President of the United States is comprised of people who reject reason and evidence in favor of detrimental myths and superstition.  Our Founding Fathers deliberately made the United States a secular nation—something that was unprecedented at the time—and yet today’s Republicans pander to the lowest common denominator of our […]

Why doesn’t the Westboro Baptist Church picket seafood restaurants?

Unsurprisingly, the hateful Westboro Baptist Church is upset about the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent ruling in Obergefell v. Hodges that same-sex couples have a constitutional right to be married.  The Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) is comprised largely of the family of its now-dead founder, Fred Phelps.  This group of people pickets controversial funerals, holding up signs that say […]

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