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Why does Singapore have such great health outcomes? It’s the exercise stupid

The New York Times has recently been talking a lot about the Singapore health system. Most recently here. However, in all the discussion about the amazing cost/benefit of the Singaporean system what’s lost is any consideration of a major Singaporean health initiative. Singapore’s “individual mandate,” if you will, is the enforced physical fitness of roughly 40% of […]

Something missing in our urban policy debates?

I recently listened to the Strong Towns podcast with Chuck Marohn and Scott Beyer ( two of the most influential urban policy advocates/bloggers. In it, the principals “take on a contentious conversation about government regulations, zoning and housing—and how incremental development may or may not work in American cities.” I was struck that each takes a […]

Daily Wisdom

Happy Sunday, everyone! Beautiful day out. This clearly will not be a “daily” wisdom per se, as I was out and about yesterday, and am sure will be the case on days in the future. But I’ll post them here and there when I can. Constant talk does not mean wisdom. On the other hand, […]

Daily Wisdom

Guys, another day, how beautiful it is. Let’s take a look at today’s reflection. Who ranks as the highest? One who does not harm anything. One who never retaliates. One who is always at peace regardless of the other person’s disposition. -The Highest, verses 405 and 406 Credit: David Crosweller, Buddhist Wisdom

Daily Wisdom

I recently purchased Buddhist Wisdom by David Crosweller from a bookstore. It seems like a great way to stay grounded and make the reader make the most of every day, simply by including a daily reflection for each calendar day. Today’s quote is: Do not indulge in charitable acts for your own benefit. Love them […]

Concussion in Young Athletes: A Brief Discussion of the History, Risks, and Current Management Guidelines

Concussion is a form of mild traumatic brain injury that involves an alteration in mental status that is associated with confusion and amnesia.1 Contrary to previous definitions of concussion, which stipulated the loss of consciousness, transient loss of consciousness may or may not be present.1 In 2010, the CDC estimated that traumatic brain injury, either […]

Making America Dumb Again

The Republican Party is making this country more ignorant, bigoted, and intolerant every day.  Their adamant refusal to compromise, their denial of evidence regarding our climate, and their blatant pandering to the evangelicals is hurting our country.  Our political system hit a nadir last week when, during a nationally televised debate, GOP frontrunner Donald Trump bragged […]

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